• Hiding in Daylight

    What would you do if you were told you could no longer love the person you love?

    That's the premise for Hiding in Daylight by Gregory G. Allen. Not only could you not love that person, but it was also illegal. In a dystopian future, two couples come together to remember life before the gay purge and must decide if they can continue the risk of a weekly dinner together. Playwright/Screenwriter Gregory G. Allen's latest project tackles highly debated topics such as LGBT rights, politics, racism, equality, life, and love. This dining room drama is full of layers that are unwrapped in real time as two couples must make some very tough decisions. With The Handmaid’s Tale such a hit and 1984 recently on Broadway, Allen wanted to share a fictionalized projection of what could possibly happen in the future for the LGBT community...if we’re not careful.

    ​As a member of the LGBT community, Gregory is worried about events happening in America (LGBT losing jobs, turned away from services, rise in hate crimes) as these events can grow into something much larger. This project is meant to spark a conversation to make sure equality stays the norm for ALL. His love of the arts and his advocacy work have combined into this passion piece and he wants as many people as possible to hear it and use it to create change. This has led to his largest art as advocacy/art as activism yet! Gregory is bringing this story to the world in different mediums. 

    One Act Play

    Numerous theaters and LGBT organizations around the country currently have the script to decide about hosting their own One-Night-Only (script in hand) Special Event Reading. This play only has 4 actors (2M, 2F) and runs less than an hour.  It is a great piece to combine with an open forum discussion to talk about the fears that many in the LGBT community have about losing rights.  If you work with a theater, pride center, library, or other organization wanting to host an evening using this cautionary tale - please reach out to Gregory at info@gregorygallen.com

    For an "after reading" conversation/Q&A Guide Sheet,  see download section below.

    Short Film

    Gregory is in pre-production now with Wow Films and  ASD Media & Entertainment with Hiding in Daylight the short film. The goal is to shoot by this fall to have the film in festivals around the country in 2019. This will bring this project to an entirely different audience.

    Solo Performance Piece

    In this version, one of the male characters tells the entire story of what happened that night when he and his closest friends were in hiding and playing the game. At times he takes on the persona of his friends as he shares stories of when and how they met, tales of their past, and the love he has for the family they all created. Interested theater groups can reach out directly to Gregory at info@gregorygallen.com


    New York, NY

    Thursday, August 30th

    Reading & Discussion of New Play

    SAGE NYC (Private Event)

    Dallas, Texas

    Monday, July 23rd at 6:30 pm FREE (for mature audiences only)
    "Community Conversations" Dallas, TX 

    Reading & Discussion

    Key West, Florida

    Tuesday, May 22nd  

    The Studios of Key West, Florida 

    ** Invitation Only Reading & Discussion

    Bloomfield, New Jersey

    Saturday, May 19th at 3pm FREE (for mature audiences only)
    Part of the Take Pride, Bloomfield! Series

    A Semi-Staged Reading of this One Act followed by a Q&A with playwright & actors


    Q&A Talkback Suggestions for after a reading.