"Reparations is a fascinatingly human short film...a generously written film about two caring and resilient people." - Jack Bottomley UK Film Review 

"Reparations is a great example of a good script done right..going from submissive to outright aggressive at all the right places." - 22 Indie Street

"In a world that is known to be gradually forgetting the Holocaust, Reparations is a memorable reminder of its ripple across generations and the myriad of wildly diverse lives impacted." - Richard Propes The Independent Critic

"Without sneaking around the issue, Hiding In Daylight sets out to tell a fictional story with a message and succeeds wonderfully. " - 22 Indie Street

Hiding in Daylight is a beautifully realized film...weaving together outstanding performances into an atmospheric fabric of underground paranoia that never stops feeling incredibly realistic.” - Richard Propes The Independent Critic

"Relevant and Poignant! Hiding in Daylight successfully captures the intense paranoia." - Hannah Sayer, UK Film Review  

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Hiding in Daylight is now streaming on RevryTV. Amazing LGBT content on this streaming service. Use code HIDING to get 25% off your first 3 months! 


After playing almost 40 festivals in 2019 around the world, Hiding in Daylight is now streaming on Amazon. 


Gregory's latest short film screenplay Reparations is an official selection in the HollyShorts 6th annual screenplay contest.  


Gregory was profiled in the May/June edition of Passport Magazine in an article by Arthur Wooten discussing his writing, film, upcoming projects, and being an accidental activist. 


Hiding in Daylight (for which Gregory wrote and serves as a producer) was selected as a FINALIST at the AMERICAN PAVILION EMERGING FILMMAKER'S SHOWCASE at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL as 1 of 29 films.


Gregory's screenplay He is Gone (based on his award-winning novel Missing) was an official selection for the 2019 Beverly Hills Film Festival.

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