Gregory G. Allen
Adversity & Diversity.

Two words that mean so much to me as a writer, director, performer, guest speaker, and person. No matter if I'm writing one of my adult novels, a freelance article or blog, a children's story, or approaching something to direct on stage: these words always come to mind.

I've never been one to be "placed in a box" and told I could only do one thing. The arts have always been a part of my life from acting, directing, producing, writing - all in multiple genres and mediums.
 I absolutely love to tell stories and that is what you'll find by looking around my website: as a writer or an actor - it's all about sharing an experience. I am drawn to a multitude of themes that are displayed over many topics: Abandonment, Addiction, Autism, Divorce, Foster Care, Equality, Religion, Bullying, Acceptance, & Sexuality just to name a few.

My Personal blog is full of life observations, author tips on social media, theater reviews, and an assortment of interviews with writers and other creative people.

How people 'cope with' and 'overcome from' adversity in their lives is the common thread in what I do. From the first musical that I wrote at 14 years old, I have shared the theme of being different/diverse and accepting people for a
ll those differences. No matter if they are adult books that are controversial and for adult eyes only or calling on my background in children's theater and writing for young eyes - I want to create stories that show how someone can persevere and use tenacity to make their own personal journey; learning and growing from the experience.

Gregory G. Allen
Author / Speaker/  Director
~Advocate for Diverse Causes & Creative Arts~

 In time for Autism Awareness Month - MeeGenius has published the Chicken Boy sequel. 
Chicken Boy: A Super Hero with Autism Deals with Doctors & Dentists discusses sensory issues that some children with autism encounter and the problems some have while going to the doctor or dentist. Of course our superhero will have great ways of dealing with it all! BAHCAAAAAAH!

I also continue working on pre-production for the indie film HE IS GONE that I'm co-producing and wrote the screenplay. I've adapted the award-winning LGBT thriller MISSING and I'm so excited to bring this Drake Braxton novel to the screen.

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Connect With Gregory
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